Toddler 2

Toddler 2
Toddler 2 - Squirrel Classroom

Our Squirrel classroom consists of older toddlers, roughly 2 to 3 years of age. Nellie's Treehouse provides breakfast, lunch, 3 snacks, and whole milk daily for children in this program.

The Squirrel curriculum provides opportunities for children to explore, create, and develop independence in the classroom. The children participate in painting, storytelling, sensory play, singing, and dancing. We offer a play-enriched environment, while at the same time integrating developmentally appropriate readiness skills within the child’s free and guided play.

Children in this classroom learn proper eating, bathroom, and hand washing procedures, as well as how to independently clean up from meals and play times. The children are also introduced to educational group circle time activities including calendar, weather, counting, letter recognition, and songs.

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