The curriculum schedule covers the developmental domains for young learners such as; literacy, math, science, creative arts, sensory, dramatic play, music/movement, social interactions, independence and small/large motor development. Children will work on sharing, communication and basic life skills. They will learn through games, hands-on activities, teacher-directed activities and play to expand their learning.

There is focus on shapes, colors, letter recognition (upper and lower case) and letter sounds, as well as, beginning writing skills. We utilize a Houghton-Mifflin STEAM program that is literacy based and focuses on critical thinking skills. We also have the Amherst librarian visit twice a month with literature she reads that support the monthly themes.

Daily we will keep you up to date on your child through a program application called‚ "BrightWheel". You will be invited to join the app so you can see what your child is doing throughout his/her day. Parent Preliminary Meetings will be held in the first two weeks of September. These help set the goals for your child's learning. Parent/Teacher conferences will be offered in November for those wishing to speak with the teachers. Assessments will be done twice a year in January and June.
We encourage you and your child to visit prior to the first day. This will allow your child to meet his new friends and us to get to know you and your child. Ask us questions! We will be happy to answer them.
We look forward to having you join our classroom and becoming part of the Nellie's Treehouse family! We are excited to be your partner in your child's learning.

Sample Schedule

A parental daily report is given to update each family on meal and nap times, toilet training and all activities accomplished each day.

Nutrition Program

Please click our Monthly Menu below to see the carefully planned meals our chef prepares onsite daily. Our meals are nutritious, delicious and sure to please each little tummy. With two primary thoughts in mind, children’s taste buds and healthy foods, our menu offers a yummy balance of proteins, grains, vegetables and fruit.

Weekly tuition includes breakfast, lunch, and 2-3 nutritious snacks.

Monthly Menu